M Soccer: Briseno, Cuevas, and Gutierrez Selected to First Team All OEC

M Soccer: Briseno, Cuevas, and Gutierrez Selected to First Team All OEC

The Orange Empire Conference head coach's came together and voted on the first team and second team selections this past weekend and three Rustlers were selected to the first team. 

Top midfielders Byron Gutierrez and Rigo Cuevas along with forward Ricky Briseno were selected to the All-OEC first team. 

Second team selections included two more Rustlers as midfielder Jonathan Ruiz and Wilbert LaredoSuarez were honored for their play this season.  


Orange Empire Conference Men's Soccer 2019

Coach of the Year: Greg Aviles, Fullerton College

 MVP: Daniel Vargas, Forward, Freshman, Orange Coast College


First Team All-Conference


Ryan Meinardus                      Midfielder                    Freshman                     Fullerton

Alejandro Castillo                   Forward                       Sophomore                  Fullerton

Manny Tovar                           Defender                     Freshman                     Fullerton

Marco Polo                              Defender                     Sophomore                  Fullerton

Anthony Tobon                       Defender                     Freshman                     Orange Coast

Max Copeland                         Defender                     Freshman                     Orange Coast

Jake Whitcomb                        Defender                     Freshman                     Orange Coast

Byron Gutierrez                       Midfielder                    Sophomore                  Golden West

Rigo Cuevas                            Midfielder                    Sophomore                  Golden West

Ricardo Briseno                      Forward                       Freshman                     Golden West

Marcelo Aguirre                      Midfielder                    Freshman                     Santa Ana

Felipe Sanchez                        Midfielder                    Sophomore                  Santa Ana

Benjamin Asabi                       Forward                       Sophomore                  Irvine Valley

Max Kleinhammes                  Forward                       Freshman                     Irvine Valley

Nomar Ibarra                           Midfielder                    Freshman                     Cypress

Lorenzo Laviolette                  Forward                       Sophomore                  Cypress

Guillermo Fernandez              Midfielder                    Freshman                     Santiago Cyn


                                                            Second Team All-Conference


            Kentrell Dorsey                      Forward                       Freshman                     Fullerton

            Mike Calderon                        Midfield                       Sophomore                  Fullerton

            Brian Martinez                        Defender                     Sophomore                  Fullerton

            Cayden Bonner                       Defender                     Sophomore                  Orange Coast

            Chase Bullock                         Midfielder                    Freshman                     Orange Coast

            Tyler Beteag                            Defender                     Freshman                     Orange Coast

            Jonathan Ruiz                         Midfielder                    Freshman                     Golden West

            Wilbert Suarez                        Forward                       Freshman                     Golden West

            Carlos Guerra                          Defender                     Sophomore                  Santa Ana

            Abel Bautista                           Midfielder                    Sophomore                  Santa Ana

            Nate King                                Goalkeeper                  Sophomore                  Irvine Valley

            Gibae Kim                               Midfielder                    Sophomore                  Irvine Valley

            Kiam Aminloo                        Defender                     Freshman                     Cypress

            Leonardo Mondragon             Goalkeeper                  Freshman                     Cypress

            Lucas Clarida                          Goalkeeper                  Freshman                     Santiago Cyn

                Kevin Mendoza                 Defender                            Freshman                            Santiago Cyn